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Lake Stuff

The artwork/designs on the products shown on this website were created by me. I am an artist and craftsman local to the Lake Minnetonka area. Wherever possible, items are hand-printed by me. I take special pride in my attention to detail and having my hand in every part of the process from initial conception to finishing touches. is not a large company, it’s just me (and my family helps out). With that in mind, I appreciate your patience and understanding. Mostly, I hope that a purchase from only strengthens the pride you have in your lake. We’re Minnesotans. It’s part of who we are.

Lake-Living, A Brief History

I grew up in a suburb west of Milwaukee that was in an area literally called “Lake Country”. However, It wasn’t until I met my wife and settled in the Twin Cities area that I became a lake person.

In much of Minnesota, “lake life” is weaved into the culture. From cabins in the North to the urban lakes of the Twin Cities, many people have a connection to a particular lake that defines some of their most powerful experiences and memories.┬áMy family loves the North Shore of Lake Superior and have a small cabin on an inland lake up north. After living in Minneapolis for over 10 years, we moved to the western suburbs near Lake Minnetonka. This solidified my growing admiration for lake-living and opened a new chapter in my life with one of the most popular lakes in Minnesota.

There was a growing pride in my lake. I was interested in the nuanced geography that defined the lake, along with the cities and towns that surrounded it. I began to learn about Minnetonka’s rich history and came to realize that there are so many facts and stories that are part of the waters of Minnesota. I asked myself: “Instead of the Lake playing a supporting role to the cities that surround it, what if it was the other way around? What if I gave each part of the lake its own identity?

So, I decided to make this website.