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Excelsior Bay

Lake Minnetonka

Excelsior Bay Geographic Info

Excelsior Bay is a smaller bay located in South Lower Lake Minnetonka, just north of the city of the same name and additionally flanked by the Cities of Greenwood & Shorewood. Excelsior Bay is defined to it’s northwest by the main southern Lower Lake Minnetonka and is adjacent to it’s west with Gideon Bay. To it’s east, it is connected to Saint Alban’s Bay via channel through the Minnetonka Boulevard isthmus. On the tip of it’s westerly defining point sits The Commons, a public park and beach run by the city of Excelsior. On it’s eastern side is The Bayside Marine one of the City of Greenwood’s two marinas.

Excelsior Bay History

The city of Excelsior, founded in 1852 by George Bertram, was the first city to be founded on Lake Minnetonka. The city and it’s namesake-bay got it’s name from The Excelsior Pioneer Association to which Bertram was a member.

The construction of a light rail streetcar line to Excelsior by the Twin City Rapid Transit Company made Excelsior accessible to more people in Minneapolis and St. Paul in 1905. The following year, the Port of Excelsior became the major transit hub of Lake Minnetonka with the construction of six ‘Express Boats’ serving several aquatic transit lines to various locations on Lake Minnetonka. With the opening of the Excelsior Amusement Park in 1925, Excelsior became a major tourist attraction.

In the 1960s the Danceland Ballroom at the park notoriously hosted several known acts, including The Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys.

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