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Gray's Bay - Lake Minnetonka
Gray's Bay - Lake Minnetonka

Gray’s Bay

Lake Minnetonka

Gray’s Bay Geographic Info

Gray’s Bay is geographically located on the farthest east side of Lower Lake Minnetonka between the cities of Wayzata, Minnetonka and Woodland. The bay’s waters flow out of the lake on it’s eastern side forming the headwaters and source of Minnehaha Creek, making Gray’s Bay the lowest point on Lake Minnetonka’s watershed. This is also the location of the Gray’s Bay Dam, which is used to regulate and stabilize the water levels of Lake Minnetonka. Gray’s Bay is defined on it’s western side by the Bushaway Road Isthmus, dividing it from the connecting Wayzata Bay, and it is connected by channel with Libb’s Lake to the southeast. Gray’s Bay houses one of Lake Minnetonka’s 11 public boat launches.

Gray’s Bay History

Gray’s Bay was the first part of Lake Minnetonka experienced by non-native Americans, with the 1822 voyage of Brown & Snelling up Minnehaha Creek into forbidden Dakota Indian territory. At the time, parts of Gray’s Bay was known to be aquatic fields of wild rice –a sacred plant and food of the Dakota tribe. Years later, the burgeoning milling industry that began the first settlements of Lake Minnetonka (at what was then called Minnetonka Mills) was proximal to Gray’s Bay. The bay got it’s name from Amos Gray, a millwright, carpenter, store owner and one of Lake Minnetonka’s first settlers.

Gray's Bay - Lake Minnetonka

Gray’s Bay Sigil Explanation

Snelling/Brown Canoe

Representing the initial discovery of Lake Minnetonka by European settlers. The canoe voyage of Snelling and Brown in 1922 first entered Lake Minnetonka from Minnehaha Creek at Gray's Bay.

Gray's Bay Dam Floodgate Wheel

Representing the wheel that opens the floodgates on the Gray's Bay Dam. The Dam regulates the water levels of Lake Minnetonka.

The Water Lily/Mill Saw & ANG

Represents Amos Nixon Gray - The Gray's Bay namesake who built a house and lived on the bay. Amos Gray was a millwright, businessman and one of Lake Minnetonka's first settlers.