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Wayzata Bay Sigil

Wayzata Bay

Lake Minnetonka

Wayzata Bay Geographic Info

Wayzata Bay is located in Lower Lake Minnetonka, between Gray’s Bay and North Lower Lake East. It is home to the city of the same name; Wayzata is Lake Minnetonka’s Largest shore city. To the south is the city of Woodland. Just south of the bay’s mouth is the northwestern tip of the North Lower Lake Minnetonka, and also Robinson’s Bay.

Wayzata Bay is defined by the Bushaway Road Isthmus to it’s east and to it’s southwest: Breezy Point and the eastern side of Lookout Point. Splitting the southern shore of Wayzata Bay into two halves is Cedar Point. A significant holy place for the Dakota was Spirit Knob, which once existed at the tip of Breezy Point before collapsing due to excavation and erosion.

On the northern shore of Wayzata Bay sits Wayzata Beach. Lake Street, downtown Wayzata’s main city street, is adjacent to the shore of Wayzata Bay. It is home to many shops and restaurants, and houses many docks for boat access to the city.

Wayzata Bay History

The Dakota Indians that lived around Lake Minnetonka regarded Spirit Knob (currently known as Breezy Point) as the single most important spot on all of the Lake. They believed that Lake Minnetonka had a spiritual power which came from that point and flowed through the lake.

“Wayzata” roughly translates to “North Shore” an anglo-european adaption of “Waziya”, the name of the Dakota Indian god of the North Wind who would sometimes take the form of a giant man cloaked in the furs of wolves.

The City of Wayzata was founded in 1854, making it the second oldest city on Lake Minnetonka. It was an early hub of commerce and industry on Lake Minnetonka.

Wayzata Bay Sigil

Wayzata Bay Sigil Explanation

The Northern Winds

The main crest bares a symbol of the cold winds blowing from the north representing Waziya, the Dakota god of the North Winds.

The City of Wayzata

The star represents the Wayzata Bay's city of the same name, along with the date 1854 –the year the City of Wayzata was established. The Water crown represents Wayzata's supremacy as the largest city on any shore of Lake Minnetonka.


The initials of Oscar Garrison, the original settler of the Wayzata Bay area, who laid claims to the area that is now the City of Wayzata.