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Pre Orders Explained

Various items on this website are available as part a campaign to build product interest in the form of pre-orders. Items available as pre-orders are produced and shipped when the pre-order goal is met.

How do I know when the Goal is Reached?

Goals (and progress toward the goal) are displayed on the product page. Product-backers are kept in the loop regarding the progress of the campaign via email – you’ll be notified when we are close to goal or have achieved it, or if the campaign fails and you will be receiving a full refund.

What Happens if the goal is not Reached?

The pre-order campaign has a finite timeframe; if we don’t  hit our product pre-order goal in the time allotted, you will be notified and all of your money will be refunded.

What Happens when the goal is Reached?

Once the goal is achieved, products are manufactured, packaged and distributed to all of the backers. This final step usually takes less then 2-weeks.


Why are you charging me before the item is available?

This website and these products were created by a single person (that’s me). I’d love to be able to purchase product of all variations and make them available for immediate purchase. Unfortunately, that would require a big risk on my part: that I’d buy the right amount of the different product variations and that I’d be able to sell enough to cover the cost of production.

So I decided to try a different route – one that allowed me to focus on the stuff I love: making awesome designs and putting them on the best products available. The answer was: crowdfunding – in the form of pre-orders. By collecting pre-orders I can determine if the product is worth making (based on it’s popularity), additionally I don’t spend a bunch of money and end up with a bunch of unsold products in less popular sizes or variations.


Why don’t you just charge me later, like Kickstarter?

The technology used to facilitate sales on this website is relatively straight forward in a few key ways. One of those ways is this: we don’t  hold onto your credit card number, everAt the moment of your secure purchase, your credit card information is turned into a unique token that connects the transaction with the bank that processes the payment. We only have 7 days before this token expires and after that point, the transaction becomes invalid. We can’t charge you after that point.

We like it this way. We like it because your credit card information is completely safe and we don’t have to worry about securely storing it. We leave that to the banks. Using the token we can always refund your money, telling the bank to refund the card that is associated with that specific transaction token. It’s very cool technology that keeps your credit card info safe, and makes my job easier, so we can focus on making cool stuff.

By pre-ordering a product you are backing a project from a local artist / craftsman. All items will be limited in production supply and often pre-orders are designated Special Edition Runs.

Special Editions have a print component signifying them as an exclusive subset of the product. Think of it as acknowledgment of you as an early adopter of the product. The Special Edition Graphic on your item marks you as one of the first to buy it.